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Mouse Genomics Resource Laboratory (MGRL)

Mouse Genomics Resource Laboratory (MGRL)

Mouse Genomics Resource Laboratory (MGRL) was started since 2002 when Tsuyoshi Koide (TK) has got independent position from the group of Dr. Toshihiko Shiroishi.

TK has started projests on behavior genetics in 1988.

Aki Takahashi attended to the lab as a research associate from 2010 to 2014, and moved to Tsukuba University.

Kazuto Yoshimi joined to the lab since 2015 as a research associate and introduced genome editing technique into the lab.

We have been working on genetic studies of mouse behavior, particularly using wild stock of mouse inbred strains. These wild strains were mostly introduced into our Institute by Dr. Kazuo Moriwaki with frantic efforts. These mice were continuously bred with sister-brother matings and established as inbred strains after 20-generations of inbreeding. These wild srains are highly useful for behavioral genetics, owing to the high frequency of genetic polymorphism between them. In addition, the lack of deliberate attempts at domestication during the development of these strains should have preserved many polymorphisms lost during the development of Mus musculus domesticus-derived strains. By taking advantage of these wild strains, we are strenuously investigating to understand genetic basis of strain difference of mouse behavior. More recently, our group is trying to establish a method to address genetic basis of behavioral phenotype by making heterogeneous stocks from these wild strains.

Our lab is situated in the second floor of Animal Research Building. In addition to the own behavior genetics studies, MGRL is managing this animal facility to facilitate the studies of mouse genetics in this Institute.

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