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Nagayama H, Matsumoto Y, Tanave A, Nihei M, Goto T, Koide T.
Measuring active and passive tameness separately in mice.
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Caspr3-deficient mice exhibit low motor learning during the early phase of the accelerated rotarod task.
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Kanno K., Kokubo H., Takahashi A., Koide T., Ishiura S. 
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SDOP-DB: A comparative standardised-protocol database for mouse phenotypic analyses. 
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Mammalian Genetics Laboratory, National Institute of Genetics

Isobe, T., Yoshino, M., Mizuno, K., Fisher Lindahl, K., Koide, T., Gaudiery, S., Gojobori, T., Shiroishi, T.
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Sato, H., Koide, T., Masuya, H., Wakana, S., Sagai, T., Ishiguro, S., Tamai, M. and Shiroishi, T.
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rim2 (recombination induced mutation 2) is a new allele of pearl and a mouse model of human Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome (HPS): genetic and physical mapping.
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Disruption of primary imprinting during oocyte growth leads to the modified expression of imprinted genes during embryogenesis.
Development 125: 1553-1560, 1998. 

University of Cambridge, Wellcome/CRC Institute, Prof Azim Surani's lab

Ainscough, J. F-X., Koide, T., Tada, M., Barton, S., and Surani, M. A.
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Comparative analysis of Igf-2/H19 imprinted domain: identification of a highly conserved intergenic DNase I hypersensitive region.
Genomics 24: 1-8, 1994.

National Institute of Genetics, JSPS Postdoctoral fellow

Mizuno, K., Koide, T., Sagai, T., Moriwaki, K. and Shiroishi, T.
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Osaka Univerisity (National Institute of Basic Biology)

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Ishiura, M., Hazumi, N., Koide, T., Uchida, T. and Okada, Y.

recB recC sbcB recJ host prevents recA-independent deletions in recombinant cosmid DNA propagated in Escherichia coli. 
Journal of Bacteriology
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