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tanaMove (developed by Akira Tanave)

Event recording freeware. This application was developed for recording events of animal behavior by keyboard typing. You can record by assigning any key to particular behavior. Movie is automatically previewed depend on the time line. You can start, stop or seek in any point of the time line. Keyboard inputs are recorded during a given period successively. Interval of the inputs is configurable from 0.02 seconds to any seconds. The recorded data will saved as CSV file or XML file.



DuoMouse (developed by Akira Tanave)

We have developed a free software program called DuoMouse for the automated HMM estimation of detailed social interaction behavior. DuoMouse is efficient software that incorporates five steps: 1) adjustment of settings for video capture, 2) recording of video data, 3) tracking from the video data, 4) HMM analysis for automated detection of behavioral states, and 5) visualization of the results. The high efficiency of this software means that application of DuoMouse in large-scale analyses of social interaction behavior will allow the rapid and reliable identification of behavioral characteristics in mice.

Arakawa et al. 1994. A male-specific QTL for social interaction behavior in mice mapped with automated pattern detection by a hidden Markov model incorporated into newly developed freeware. doi: 10.1016/j.jneumeth.2014.04.012

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